Mélodie Vincent

Him, Vincent, Gemmologist

Since his childhood, he is passionate about all stones and started a beautiful collection of those beaufitul specimens.

Few years later, when he met her, and was looking for her engagement ring, he fell again in love with beauty of natural stones. 

He decided then to study gemmology and graduated from GIA.


Her, Mélodie, Creator

After working for years as model with a lot of designers, she develops her creativity. Travelling all over the world gave her a lot of inspiration that she is using for her collection.

After meeting him, she obviously fall in love with gemstones as well and decided to start drawing and creating jewelries.




Together they decided to found EUCLIDE, a french brand in 2015.

Getting inspired by their travel and the beauty of nature, Mélodie and Vincent in love with beauty of gemstones put them in the center of their creation. Garnet, topaz, aquamarine, spinel, sapphire decorate each fine jewelry.







Euclide, greek mathematician in the mythology was the " father of geometry "

Name of the brand was given in reference of stone's crystallography and geometry in natural state or when they are cut.




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